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My research interests include how law and technology change finance and governance, and further, change business and society. All contacts are welcome!

I am working on models to classify sentiment for cryptocurrency or ESG related text. I will be much appreciated if you can try it and flag any wrong cases. If you would like to adopt it in your work, feel free to contact me! [-->Sentiment Classifier<--]

Curriculum Vitae


  • PolyU Logo 2023-Now: Research Assistant Professor (Finance), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


  • HKU Logo 2018-2023: Ph.D. (Finance) and M.Fin. (FinTech), University of Hong Kong
  • SYSU Logo 2014-2018: B.Mgmt. (Accounting), Sun Yat-Sen University

Working Papers

Please refer to my CV


  1. Competition Laws, Ownership and Corporate Social Responsibility (with Ross Levine, Chen Lin, Wensi Xie)
  2. Corporate Immunity to the COVID-19 Pandemic (with Ross Levine, Chen Lin, Wensi Xie)