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My research interests include how law and technology change finance and governance, and further, change business and society. All contacts are welcome!

Curriculum Vitae

Current Position

  • PolyU Logo Research Assistant Professor (Finance), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


  • HKU Logo Ph.D. (Finance) and M.Fin. (FinTech), University of Hong Kong
  • SYSU Logo B.Mgmt. (Accounting), Sun Yat-Sen University

Working Papers

  1. AI Saliency and Robo-Advisor Adoption (with Jiafu An, Li Liao, Chen Lin, Xincheng Wang)
    • Working Paper
    • Brief: Being nudged by recent AI development, investors are more likely to adopt robo-advisors and mitigate behavioral biases.
    • Conference: 2024 China FinTech Research Conference

  2. Proprietary Costs and Supply-Chain Collaboration (with Xiong Li, Guoman She, Guochang Zhang)
    • Working Paper | PDF
    • Brief: Fewer proprietary information leakage concern on supply chain, more supply chain collaboration.

  3. Directors’ Incentives from Potential Regulatory Penalties: Evidence from their Voting (with Chen Lin, Thomas Schmid, Michael S. Weisbach)
    • Working Paper | SSRN
    • Brief: Directors monitor firm more diligently after knowing close contact being penalized by the regulator for negligence.
    • Media Coverage: The Regulatory Review (UPenn)
    • Conference: FMA Annual Meeting 2021, FIFI Conference 2021

For other earlier stage working papers, please refer to my CV


  1. ESG Scores, Scandal Probability, and Event Returns (with Wenya Sun, Yichen Luo, S.M. Yiu, Luping Yu)
    • Financial Innovation (2024) | SSRN
    • Brief: Higher ESG scores, lower ESG scandal probability but higher loss given scandal happened. Firm has optimal ESG investment level based on theoretical prediction.

  2. Competition Laws, Ownership and Corporate Social Responsibility (with Ross Levine, Chen Lin, Wensi Xie)

  3. Corporate Immunity to the COVID-19 Pandemic (with Ross Levine, Chen Lin, Wensi Xie)